Korean Embassy promoted Korean Cuisine

On Wednesday November 20 2013, the Korean Embassy promoted Hansik (Korean Cuisine) at the monthly meeting of Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals (CAFP).

The Embassy participated in this event by providing a Korean Photo Exhibition and traditional Korean beverage such as Sik-hye (Korean traditional sweet rice punch) and Su-jeong-gwa (Korean traditional fruit punch).

Chief Na Sunna gave a lecture on the history and effect of Kimchi, and its recipe and the CAFP members tasted Kimchi and various Jeon which is pankae-like dishes in Korean cuisine. They enjoyed the colour and taste of Korean food.

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In celebration of 2013 Year of Korea marking the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Canada, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada held its 10th Monthly Korean Movie Screening on Thursday September 19 at the Korean Embassy Auditorium.

For the 10th Monthly Korean Movie Night, the Korean Embassy invited students of the King Sejong Institute, OCDSB employees, diplomatic community, and Korean culture group (Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team), government employees for the screening of Masquerade  (2012).

The Korean Embassy served traditional Korean Red Ginseng Tea before the movie and it was an opportunity to experience a taste of Korea for the attendees. The Korean Embassy will host the tenth Monthly Korean Movie Screening in September to further celebrate the 2013 Year of Korea in Canada.

Click to see Masquerade Official Main Trailer w/ English Subtitles